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Calm while musicians have Coffee and Croissants!
'Smile Elliott'
Carnival Cruises Drum Tracking
With Gary Husband, Rick Laughlin, Sean Freeman after tracking London Session Time
Mike Smith kept on his toes!
Colin Green tracking for Annette Yeo
Clive Dunstall roasting himself!!!! Another short arrangement!!!!
Bill Mudge....Organ Grinder!
Monitoring during shoot of Michael Mcintyre's Very Christmassy Christmas Show 2014
Buzztones in recording for Hungry Bear Media
James Deane - tracking vocals for 11:57
Ali Jiear, David Combes, Andy Playfoot - too much coffee!!!!
James Deane lays down guitar
Location Recording - Brass Band - BBC/Hungry Bear Media
Branded IPads for P and O Crusies Digital Music Reader System
Annette Yeo and Luisa Bradsaw Whyte tracking 'For Once In My Life'
Vasilis Xenopoulos and Steve Fishwick tracking 'The Wind Machine'
Session Corner's new company car!!!
Tracking Live Gig - Bill Mudge Quartet for 'Art Jazzed Up' with Alban Low
Todays Visitor
Daniel Koek tweets during tracking of his album!
Nick caught unawares tweeted by Daniel Koek