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Here are sample tracks from a variety of recent projects.  Click the title to expand and you will find an audio player and some background information about each track


‘Bleeding Love’ from late 2015 Acoustic Sessions by Leona Lewis. Mixing by Session Corner.

TOUR PRODUCTION: Brendan Cole 2016 Tour Promo

EPK from the 2016 tour for Brendan Cole. Musical arrangements, Orchestral Management, Audio Preparation and EPK production by Session Corner.

Sara Downling 2019 EPK

Location Recording at The Bear Club, Luton

Mount Vernon Big Band Stardust

Pete Long/Georgina Jackson/Annette Brown and The Mount Vernon Big Band

JAZZ - Geoff Eales, Tina May, Simon Lasky Group, Theo Travis

A selection from the recent release by Geoff Eales/Noel Langley – Transcience (2016)

Simon Lasky Group

‘Let Me In’ from the 2015 release Story Inside by The Simon Lasky Group. Recorded and co-produced for Simon and 33Records

Tina May and Enrico Pieranunzi

An Extract Of ‘This Is New’ from the 2015 release ‘Home Is Where The Heart Is’ by Tina May and Enrico Pieranunzi. Recorded mixed and mastered for 33Records.

ORCHESTRAL: Music Of The Spheres from the new musical 'Bumblescratch'

A recording of a song from a brand new musical by Robert J. Sherman.  Additional arrangements by Colin Billing

CLASSICAL PRODUCTION: Sings, Strings and Tings

Sings, Strings and Tings: An exciting new small classical/jazz ensemble produced in conjunction with Clive Dunstall. Recorded, Mixed, mastered and produced by Session Corner, both in the studio and on location.

James Deane - It's Not The Blues 11:57 Album

Live promo for the 11:57 single – It’s Not The Blues

TV THEMES: Monaco Lights, Barbara

Monaco Lights

A short TV theme for Monaco Lights, entirely written and produced by Session Corner.


Another short TV theme, entirely written and produced by Session Corner.

SONGS: I Want This Day, We've Got Tonight, I'll Never Love This Way Again

Original song written by Barry Robinson.  Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Session Corner.  Vocals by Iian MacKenzie and Julie Maguire.  Set to a montage video of photos from the wedding on Brendan Cole and Zoe Hobbs.

We’ve Got Tonght

A new arrangement of the song by Bob Seger that has been fully arranged, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Session Corner. Vocals by Mim Grey.

I’ll Never Love This Way Again”

A new arrangement of the song written by Richard Kerr and Will Jennings that has been fully arranged, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Session Corner.  Vocals by Mim Grey.

Videos/EPKs featuring the Studio

A selection of videos/EPKs featuring our main studio space in Luton