Session Corner

Studios and Facilities

At Session Corner we have a newly updated mix/overdub facility conveniently located in Shefford, Central Bedfordshire.  Our studio is fully air-conditioned, features natural light, immersive mixing, personal artist monitoring and has unlimited parking on site.  

We have developed close partnerships which see us regularly operate in a selection of larger studios for the bigger tracking aspects of our projects, each chosen for scale and suitability for various types of live tracking. 

We have the knowledge and experience to embrace a full range of projects, be it a large Orchestral/Big Band project, smaller ensembles, solo instruments or overdubs. We also produce programmed tracks based around the latest soft synths and samples and have great experience in mixing and matching electronic and acoustic orchestration. This has worked very successfully on numerous projects.

In addition we have a fully mobile tracking set up if required based around SSL, Universal Audio, Audient and Focusrite.

We also are now working with 2B as 2B Immersed where we have co-developed several 3D mixing solutions for Immersive Audio content creation.

Equipment List

Our studios are built around recent Mac computers, running both Pro Tools Ultimate (HD) and Logic Pro X software all controlled via Slate Ravens.  We use numerous audio plugins including Universal Audio, SSL, Waves and Slate and have a plethora of soft synths including East West, LA Scoring Strings, VSL, BBC Symphony and Ravenscroft sound libraries.  Recording artists control their own mix via Aviom Personal Mixers. 

A Yamaha Montage is the main Keyboard controller as well as providing us an additional resource of wonderful sound libraries. In addition we have a choice selection of Neumann, Sennheiser, AKG, Sontronics and other tube and capacitor microphones and pre-amps.  Monitoring by Neumann and Genelec.